Hi, I'm Lisa

Graphic Designer, Visual Communicator and cat enthusiast based in Plymouth, UK.

For my Final Major Project in my third year of my BA Graphic Design degree, I created a design solution that will assist children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabilities to perform life skills, which I am now in the process of hopefully making into a real product. 

I also wrote my dissertation where I evaluated if graphic designers are considering those with disabilities when creating interfaces, and why we, as a society, end up with better solutions that work for everybody when we design for disabilities first. Most of my primary research came from personal experience of being a young carer for my father who has early on-set dementia at 57 years as well as generative disease. 

I graduated in 2020 with First Class Honours, and I am currently studying for an MA in Visual Communication where I am taking my research into design for disabilities even further. 

You'll likely find me listening to the soundtrack to Glee, or whichever musical I'm obsessed with that week, whilst eating pizza and holding my cats hostage against their will for their attention. 
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